To confirm a reservation we require your contact information, a valid credit/debit card number on file, and a non-refundable deposit. The deposit is equal to 50% of your order total and is applied towards your final balance. Your order will not be considered ‘reserved’ until a deposit is received.


Payments can be made online by credit/debit card, we will send you an invoice with a link where you can make your payment online. You may pay the final balance in cash or credit card/debit card online at any point before your event, but we must receive payment before the items can be delivered or picked-up.


Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. The day you book your order the items are considered out of our inventory for your date and thus made unavailable to other potential customers. This ensures you will have all the items you need on the date you require them. Because of this, we do have certain policies regarding changes to your order.

All reductions in numbers must be received by Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc 30 days prior to your event. Any reductions or cancellations made within 30 days will be subject to a cancellation fee. Any increases in your numbers must be made prior to your pick-up or delivery and are subject to item availability. These items will be billed separately. You may make changes by phone, or email. This policy helps us to ensure that your order is packed as accurately as possible. See our Cancellation Policy below for more detailed information.


Reductions in quantity are limited to 20% of the original amount ordered per item and must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to your event to avoid penalty. Reductions in quantity greater than 20% and/or any reductions made within 30 days of your event are subject to a penalty of 50% of the total rental rate of the cancelled item(s) plus taxes. Any items cancelled within 18 days of the event will be charged at full rental rates plus taxes.


If you had to cancel your event due to Covid 19, we will not apply the cancellation penalty agreed upon in our terms and conditions, but we will not be able to provide any refund if the event was canceled within 30 days of your event, per the T&C policy.

Instead we offered these three options:

1. We can continue with how your event is currently scheduled

2. We can give you credit to use it in the future, OR

3. Rescheduled your event for a later date


This credit can be used however you choose.  You can use your credit on one event, or you can split the credit between two or more events if you need to.

This credit can be redeemed only to the name on the invoice, and we will request a Photo ID to validate.


*** Weather Alert *** Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate last minute cancellations due to weather.  We reserve your items for you for your event and take the items out of our available inventory, so we are unable to rent the items to someone else.  Because of this we are unable to allow cancellations due to weather.  However, if adjustments need to be made to the invoice due to the weather, such as changing the date of the event, or changing the number of items ordered, we can accommodate these adjustments in most scenario's, we just cannot refund the amount paid to reserve the items.  If there is a credit on your invoice after adjustments are made, you can use this credit towards your next event. Please check our Cancellation policy for full refund. 


The rental rate is based on a 24-hour rental. Should you need the items longer please contact us and ask about our multi-day rates.



Delivery is figured by distance of destination, and number of items you need, delivery charges will be given when contacting us for your order.
Delivery and Pick up fee do not include Set Up or Take down.


Delivery rates are based on drop off to a point immediately accessible to our truck, usually your driveway, garage, etc  that is around 10 feet walking distance. All deliveries require the signature of a responsible party for equipment to be left. Should you require delivery beyond our truck tailgate or set-up and take down of items, please request a quote prior to your event.

Delivery times are set on the week of delivery. You will be given a morning or afternoon delivery time. Morning delivery means the items will be delivered between 8am and 1pm. Afternoon delivery means between 4-8pm. Should you have special delivery requests, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. As there are many deliveries in a day it is not always possible to give exact delivery times. For an additional fee it is possible to arrange for before- and after-hours deliveries, as well as time specific deliveries.


We do our best to make sure your order is complete. If you discover any missing or damaged items upon receipt, please contact us immediately so that we can make a note on your account and make arrangements to replace the items if desired. If it is after store hours please leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible. Many factors can contribute to items being lost or damaged during an event. We cannot accept disputes after an event is over.



The additional charge for set-up and Take Down
Chairs set up ($0.25) and take down ($0.25) 
Tables ($1.00) set up and take down ($1.00)  
Linens set up ($0.50) and take down ($0.50)
Chair covers and sashes set up ($0.50) and take down ($0.50)


If you will not be returning the items yourself or present for the pick-up, or will not be in contact after your event, Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc will require the name and contact information of the person who will be responsible for your rental. It is best to appoint one trustworthy person to be in charge of the return.

We will pick up our rentals the same place we dropped them off. 


At the time of completion for the reservation, the customer agrees to return ALL equipment in the same condition it was received. 
Please make sure tables and chairs, equipment is stacked and free of WATER OR MUD. Extra charges will apply if items are not ready for pick up.
If the items are not clean at time of pick up, there will be an additional cleaning fee charged to the credit card on file of $.50 per chair, $1.50 per table and $2.00 per linen
Any of the following are examples of items that must be cleaned and/or removed from our equipment:
·       Dirt, Mud, or Water
·       Red wine or ANY beverage/liquid that stains
·       Food of ANY kind
·       Markers, Paint, or Pen marks of ANY kind
·       Bows, Ribbons, or ANY other material attached to the items, if BURN, WAX or TAPE was used on linens.


Table linens are inspected prior to release to customer and we understand there will be natural wear and tear on rented items, however, the customer agrees that the items will be returned as they were received or not obvious damage such as mildew, excessive stains, burns, tape or tears. Please remember that you will be charged the replacement cost of $36.00 of the linen. Return all linens dry and free of waste. Linens are to be placed in bag(s). Please if you will be serving food we recommend you to use dark color linens so it won’t be damage by food stains, etc. 



China, Glassware, and Flatware must be returned rinsed, scraped free of food, and repacked properly in containers provided or additional charges will be assessed. 



Customer agrees to pay for any damage to rented equipment regardless of cause, except reasonable wear and tear, while equipment is out of possession of Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc.  Customer also agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for all equipment returned dirty. Accrued rental charges cannot be applied against the purchase or cost of repair or damaged goods. Rental Equipment damaged beyond repair will be paid for by Customer at its Replacement Cost when rented. The cost of repairs will be borne by the Customer, whether performed by Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc. 



The Customer agrees to pay for equipment at its Replacement Cost when rented for all types of theft or mysterious disappearance. If the rented equipment is not returned to Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc within two days of date specified on the face of this contract, such equipment shall be considered stolen. In such event, Customer may be prosecuted in accordance with RCW 9.45.062 and/or 9A-56-030-050, or in accordance with any other Arizona Criminal Laws that may apply.





Customer agrees to furnish Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc access to, and the right to use Customer's electrical and power source for the installation and operation of the rented equipment.



Customer agrees to have all Underground Facilities, in the vicinity of the Equipment installation, clearly marked prior to the arrival of Anyela’s Party Rentals Llc work crews. Customer assumes full responsibility for damage to all Underground Facilities.



Anyela’s Party rentals Llc Rentals will not be held responsible for any damage which may occur due to the placement of rental equipment on any surface including but not limited to hardwood floors, outdoor decks, concrete pads, etc.


"Awesome customer service and communication throughout! The crew is very professional and courteous and a HUGE help in setting up the chairs and tables for our party exactly the way we wanted them. Highly recommend these folks for all of your rental needs."

Jesse white

Awesome!... Anyela was super easy to get a hold of and was extremely friendly! I would totally use her again. Upon planning our party, chair and table rentals were the toughest part of coordinating everything. I literally dreaded the idea of shopping around for table and chair rentals and most companies out there will rape you on zip code, delivery, price in general, etc. Anyela's was an answer to our prayers. Everything was done over the phone and email. She is a rockstar and I can't thank her enough for her great service. Everything was like clock work, on time drop off, on time pickup and everything we rented was in great condition! I'll will absolutely be using her again! Thanks Anyela!


A five star shout out to Anyela's! Where to begin? First, we hired them for our wedding celebration and rented tables, chairs, a couple of heaters, linens, and best of all? We rented the photo booth and paid the extra cost for the scrapbook, which was totally worth every bit of cost! Delivery of the materials was first thing in the morning, which was our request. Everything went off like clockwork. Later in the day the heaters and photo booth were set up and the photo booth had two attendants throughout our party. That was a hit and having copies of the photos is priceless for us. One of the heaters wasn't working but not to worry! A new one was delivered immediately and our guests were warm for the evening! Pick up of everything the next day was again, a smooth job. Can't say enough about this company and we will definitely use them again should the need arise! Thank you Anyela's!!!

Barb G