Terms and Conditions

The rental items will be reserved upon receipt of a 50% deposit of total charges. The final 50% of rental fees must be paid no later than 21 days before the event.  This deposit will not be refundable.
A Security Deposit is required to ensure the proper return of all rental items, and to reserve your items. When you schedule your event and subsequently contact us to reserve items we would appreciate a deposit of at least half, the remaining amount is due at the latest when we deliver your requested items. Security deposit will not be refundable if the event is cancelled within 31 days of the date of the event.
Your items will be reserved only if deposit has been made. If the deposit has not been made within 24 hours before your event, we do not guarantee availability or delivery. Please confirm.
Changes to the Rental Reservation (such as reserved items type, color and quantity) must be made at least 21 days before the event date. The change of request is not valid until confirmed by an email or a phone call from Anyela’s Party Rentals.
Cancellation needs to be within 31 days prior to your scheduled event to receive the full amount of your money back. If the reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the contracted event date, the client will forfeit all fees paid to Anyela’s Party for deposits, etc..
*** Weather Alert *** Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate last minute cancellations due to weather.  We reserve your items for you for your event and take the items out of our available inventory, so we are unable to rent the items to someone else.  Because of this we are unable to allow cancellations due to weather.  However, if adjustments need to be made to the invoice due to the weather, such as changing the date of the event, or changing the number of items ordered, we can accommodate these adjustments in most scenario's, we just cannot refund the amount paid to reserve the items.  If there is a credit on your invoice after adjustments are made, you can use this credit towards your next event.  We require 4 weeks notice to cancel your event.  
Delivery is figured by distance of destination. Delivery charges will be given when contacting us for your order.
Delivery and Pick up fee do not include Set Up or Take down. 
Pick up and Return times are only during 8-11am. Any extra hour will be charge $10.00 extra 
We will pick up our rentals the same place we dropped them off.
At the time of completion for the reservation, the customer agrees to return ALL equipment in the same condition it was received. 
  • Tables, chairs and any other rented equipment is stacked and ready at the designated pick up time, as well as ensuring there is no dirt, mud, water or anything else on the equipment as stated in the below disclosures that was not there when the items were received.  
  • Please ensure linens are folded and placed back on the hangers that they were delivered on, or in a plastic garbage bag.  
There are 3 options you can choose to ensure our items are returned the way they were received:
  1. Do NOT add an additional cleaning fee and customer will be responsible for ensuring ALL items are clean and in the same condition as when they were received 
  2. Add an additional cleaning fee of $.25 per chair, $1.00 per table and $1.50 per linen to your invoice to be paid in full at the time of delivery
  3. If the items are not clean at time of pick up, and the customer did not choose to include the additional cleaning fee in their invoice, there will be an additional cleaning fee charged to the credit card on file of $.50 per chair, $1.50 per table and $2.00 per linen
We understand there will be natural wear and tear on rented items, however, the customer agrees that the items will be returned as they were received.  Any of the following are examples of items that must be cleaned and/or removed from our equipment:
  • Dirt, Mud, or Water
  • Red wine or ANY beverage/liquid that stains
  • Food of ANY kind
  • Markers, Paint, or Pen marks of ANY kind
  • Bows, Ribbons, or ANY other material attached to the items
Damaged linens will be billed for replacement cost $36.00 each, if BURN, WAX or TAPE was used on linens.
Please advise if you would like to choose option 1, 2 or 3 regarding the cleaning of our equipment. 
Please make sure tables and chairs, equipment, linens are to be folded, stacked and free of WATER OR MUD. Extra charges will apply if items are not ready for pick up. .
Extra charges will apply if items are not ready for pick up. 
$1.00 per chair. $2.00 per table. $1.00 per tablecloth
The additional charge for set-up
Chairs set up ($0.25)and take down ($0.25)
Tables ($1.00) set up and take down ($1.00)  
Linens set up ($0.50) and take down ($0.50)
Chair covers and sashes set up ($0.50) and take down ($0.50)

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